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- By default, the page opens and shows hot issues. Choose a category and enter `Submit` to see SMS-counts for the issues for the category

Registered issues with their short codes for sms with their support/oppose details

- Below each issue heading is written the SMS-code for supporting the issue (code ending with Y ; Note that there is a space before Y) and the SMS-code for opposing the issue (code ending with N ; Note that there is a space before N) which can be sent to this site (09693938833) after registering with the site.   Tap to Show More..

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Disclaimer - This site is meant only to promote demand for TCP with SMS (Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure ; link - Chapter 1, www.3linelaw.wordpress.com ). Results may or may not be obtained via SMS campaign method depending on other factors. Those sending sms copy to this public number are fully aware that their sms content, name, voter ID, constituency, state will be shown on this website

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