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1. General Structure of present laws and how present laws get misused

2. Honest and corrupt laws

3. Demo of an honest system.. 4

4. Corporate-Adheen (Corporate controlled) system of today. 7

5. Praja-Adheen (Citizens` accountable) system

6. Why BJP, AAP, Congress and other parties do not promote details of these systems ?. 11

7. To get any demand of the public implemented, three factors are needed - 12

7.1 Clear-cut demand. 13

7.2 Proof of supporting counts for the demand. 14

7.2.1 Why uniting under SMS-campaign method is the most efficient method to demand from the public servants 14

7.2.2 Why displaying proof of sent sms to the public is necessary. 15

7.2.3 How SMS-campaign method unites the Citizens of the country. 16

7.3 Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant 18

1. General Structure of present laws and how present laws get misused -



In general, the structure of our laws is like this -  


Type C officers - many, at lowest level


Above them Type B officer - prevent type C officers from misusing their power.


Above them Type A officer - to prevent type B officer from misusing their power.


What if a corrupt corporate bribes/manages officer A ?


And worse, if then officers A and B form nexus and suppress the numerous officers C and force them to either look away or suffer ?




And the common man, who is looted by these nexuses, cannot do anything to stop this.


There is no provision in present laws, using which common citizens, that is persons having no or little money or connections, can do anything to stop nexuses of the higher level officials !!


Even, their complaint or any evidence submitted gets suppressed by the officer A-officer B nexus !! (files get lost ; files get burnt ; files get eaten by rats etc.) That is why, today`s laws are corrupt and immoral.


Always ask this question to judge whether a law is corrupt or honest - 


What can a common citizen do to stop the higher officials from forming a nexus and misusing the law to loot the commons ?

2. Honest and corrupt laws -


Let us now see what are some of the features of honest laws ?


1. Honest laws empower the commons to give their opinions in such a way that their submitted complaints, evidences etc. do not get suppressed.

Example of this is TCP (Transparent Complain Procedure) - where any citizen can get their complaint, evidence etc. filed as an affidavit and get it scanned onto the PM website anyday at the collector and other offices of government, so that all can read word by word the affidavit without logging in.

The opinions of the citizens will come along with voter id and so can be easily CROSS-VERIFIED by any other citizen.


This provision serves a deterrent for many officials not to misuse their powers or else they will be exposed to the masses with proof.


2. Honest laws empower commons to replace the top and middle level officials of the government, in case they do not function properly, that is right to replace inefficient officials. 


This empowerment will break the nexuses and prevent the officials from looting the masses.


3. Honest laws empower commons to punish the officials in case they misuse the laws to harm others.


Without these features, laws are dishonest and corrupt. 


Please see some honest laws in especially chapter 1,6,21,40,74.



Now, big question is - Are you knowingly/unknowingly supporting or bearing with corrupt laws (Present) and doing nothing to promote/bring honest laws ?

See a PRACTICAL demonstration of an honest system in, where opinions of citizens are tagged with their voter id-s so that any citizen can cross-verify the data and find whether the data is true or false.


With this system in place, politicians or media cannot lie to the public, without them exposed to the masses with proof.

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3. Demo of an honest system


Go to to see aim of the TCP-demo website.

Click on link - `View Public Instructions to MPs` under `Registered Section`.

In this system, any person can get his mobile activated/registered and send their opinion meant for MP as code-sms. The code-sms or the opinion is displayed publicly along with VOTER ID. Even less literate persons can use this system easily by sending 4 digit numerical sms-codes.

And they can even change their sms-code opinion anytime easily. The opinions come along with voter id after registration at the site and thus can be cross-verified by anyone.

You have to send 2 SMS-es to 0...shortly coming... from your mobile. 

1) First, you have to send a mobile activation sms in this format - 




Those who do not have voter ID, can also see demo of this honest process by sending a test voter ID in the Mobile activation-SMS and their code-sms will come in the unregistered section.


For example - 


where abc1234567 is a test voter ID for this demo.

One mobile can be linked with only one voter ID.

You can check if your sms has been received or not after 2-3 minutes of sending sms by entering your mobile number in the search box, `Search by mobile number` in the home page,


2) If activation-sms, sent in correct format from your mobile, has come in the second table (accepted activation-sms), then your mobile has been activated. Then you can send any of your chosen code-sms in this link from that mobile -


For example, you can send 0041 as SMS to support cause of declassifying secret files of Neta ji. 


After 2-3 minutes, your sms will appear in this link -


(Only last 5 numbers of your mobile are visible so that only you can know you sent the sms ; we do not display any personal info except voter ID)

And if voters send their activation-sms containing voter id and copy of voter id to along with other documents mentioned in , their code-sms will be come in registered page along with their name, voter ID and assembly name -

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4. Corporate-Adheen (Corporate controlled) system of today


      Say Mr. A is a honest CM of a state, with crores of citizens.


      Say there is a corrupt corporate X and corrupt, paid media M having reach to the crores of that state.


      Now, although Mr. A is honest, he and his supporting MLAs are dependent on the corrupt corporate and paid media for their image amongst public. 


Corrupt corporate have nexus with -- corrupt senior judges, paid media and compromised MLAs,


With this nexus, corrupt corporates can force CM to get passed laws in their favour and against the common citizens. The corrupt corporate threatens that if the CM does not pass laws favourable to them, the image of CM will be spoilt amongst the subjects of the state and the MLAs will take away support from that CM.


Now, as of today, the subjects can only choose the MLAs or MPs and are dependent on the MLAs or MPs because they only can choose the CM or PM and not the citizens.


Proof of Paid media -


Only those candidates are covered extensively and information about them given to the public, who do not promote laws which are against the black ways of the corrupt corporates. Paid media does not even give info about all candidates to the public.


So, in many ways the CM and MLAs even if honest are dependent on the corrupt corporates and their nexus of corrupt judges, paid media and corrupt MLAs.


      And let us say that CM has to appoint a Finance Minister. He might be forced to keep someone close to the corrupt corporate as Finance Minister. 


      And citizens cannot do anything to improve this situation ; they cannot force the compromised CM to act in a proper way, so that the masses and the whole state benefits.  


      This is the situation today.


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5. Praja-Adheen (Citizens` accountable) system -


Swami Dayanand Saraswati in Satyarth Prakash says "Raja (adminstrator) must be Praja adheen or else he will rob citizens, just as carnivorous animal eats other animals. Raja who is not praja-adhin will destroy the nation by imposing unjust laws to unfairly punish or fine the commons and loot them"


Let us see the scenario if Citizens manage to bring a Praja-adheen system.


        Now if there is a Transparent, common citizen-verifiable system of giving opinions for the citizens, TCP (mentioned before ; also see chapter 1, 

        Then, each citizen can tell, if he/she wants to, info about potential candidates to other citizens with proof in affidavits at Collector office, which will be visible along with voter ID of citizen to all on PM website, without any need for logging-in. So, other citizens can verify and analyse if the info is true or false.

        Based on this info, citizens can use a common citizens`-verifiable system in place for giving opinions who will be the best person for Finance Minister of the state.

        Then, even the CM can communicate with other citizens about his choice for Finance Minister, without the help of paid media. So, a dialogue is created between the citizens and CM, citizen and citizen and the CM has the final decision whom to appoint FM. And CM does not have to be dependent on paid media.

        CM has to convince citizens with good reason why he appointed such and such person as FM because he is also accountable DIRECTLY to the citizens via Right to Replace.


So, here CM is not under pressure from the corrupt corporate, but has to do his duty to fulfil the needs of masses.

We can bring such an honest, transparent, common-citizens`-verifiable system. Just we have to promote such a system by sending 2 SMS-es and asking others also to promote this honest system. Please see details at

An Example of Praja-Adheen system from ancient times

Raja Ram, when he was going into exile to fulfil the promise made by his father, the citizens of Ayodhya wanted to stopped him from going. They said that they have chosen Ram as king and not Bharat and that his going to forest will harm the citizens. But, Ram convinced the citizens that Bharat was as good as an administrator as Ram and that his going to Jungle is necessary to protect his dharma (righteousness) and dharma of all.

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6. Why BJP, AAP, Congress and other parties do not promote details of these systems ?


Because these people need paid media sponsored by corrupt corporates for their publicity. If they implement such a system or even promote it, corrupt corporates will no longer pay the paid media for their publicity.

Many activists have asked all these parties including Kejriwal, Modi to give their stand about these systems. But, they refuse to respond to their letters and disallow any discussion even on good systems. If you do not believe us, you can ask these leaders and tell all their reply or no-reply.

Everyone thinks of his/her benefit. Majority of netas also think of their benefit, whether it be Modi or Kejriwal or any other neta. 

Now, point is that common citizens must unite and strive to bring an honest system like this which will benefit all.

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7. To get any demand of the public implemented, three factors are needed -


What will be the use of sending SMS-es to public servants ? Will they read it or act on it, you ask.

Well, whether there will be result of sending SMS-es to public servants depends on the number of people sending SMS-es for the made demand and whether the method used to send SMS-es generates proof of how many people sent SMS in support or opposition of that demand.

If every second person is seen making this demand or if the number of people sending SMS is huge, even with inefficient methods of sending SMS or making the demand, there can be good results.

But with lesser number of people making the demand, the method of demanding should be efficient and cross-verifiable. Most efficient way to make a demand is to send SMS to the public servant so that the SMS comes on website of public servant or any other server along with voter ID, so that other citizens can cross-verify that data.

Also, to get a public demand fulfilled, the citizens must make the public servants realise that if the demand is not met, they will suffer big losses. That is, the public servants must fear the masses.

SMS campaign has made it possible for the commons to approach public servants, and it has been proved again and again that it works.

See a recent example how citizens of villages of Belthagandy Taluk forced the officials to give electricity to their homes, which was their right -


To get any demand of public implemented, three factors are needed -

7.1                  Clear-cut demand

7.2                  Proof of supporting counts for the demand

7.3                  Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant

7.1 Clear-cut demand


Without clear cut demand, the demand can backfire. How? For example, if masses demand that "Bring a good anti-corruption law" and do not give any details. That is, detailed instructions or DRAFT needed for government officials to carry the proposal is not specified, then after coming to power, the public servants can bring such flawed laws and policies which allow the influential to form nexuses and bypass these laws and commons are not empowered by these laws to prevent such nexuses.

7.2 Proof of supporting counts for the demand


7.2.1 Why uniting under SMS-campaign method is the most efficient method to demand from the public servants -

1.  In the campaign methods used today to protest or put a demand for an issue such as petitions, signature gathering, letter sending, Anshan-dharna, it is not possible to prove the number of supporters for an issue. And without proof of the head-counts, sufficient pressure does not come on the government.

2.  Using this `SMS-Instruction to public-servants`- campaign method, it is possible to prove the head-counts for a particular issue since SMS-es will be tagged with voter ID and also it is very safe and reliable compared to other campaign methods. So we call SMS Campaign as an intermediate TCP method.

3.  That is why we insist that along other campaign-methods, citizens spend their 5-10 minutes to send a few lines Instruction to MPs/PM via SMS.

Also, we should write in the same sms and ask the MP/PM to link his public mobile with his website so that the messages sent by the public are automatically published on the website for all to see.

So, unless we common citizens tell the public servants what exactly we want them to do and what we do not want them to do in an objective and provable way, how will they know and how will other citizens know?

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7.2.2 Why displaying proof of sent sms to the public is necessary

1.  Besides sending such a sms, citizens should also display their sent sms-instructions along with voter ID to the public via sending copy of the SMS as registered code to site after registering at the site and also tweet the instructions to the Public Servant and share it on social media and ask all to do the same. Those who do not have internet can inform about the sent sms-instruction to the public via meetings, pamphlets or any other convenient method.

2.  Sending sms-instruction and informing the public about the sent sms-instruction will take 5-10 minutes and can be done easily by crores of people by spending a few paise. But even if 5000-10000 (1%) people do this in a loksabha constituency and the present MP does not respond or give a good reply, the present MP will be exposed with proof to the masses. Not only this, the future MP will also come under pressure to fulfill this objective demand of the public.

3.  In this way, we should do our constitutional duty. Why must we wait until 5 years ? Why should we sleep for 5 years or cry for 5 years and be active only for one day in 5 years ? This is not democracy.

If a public servant does not listen to thousands of citizens, we should expose that public servant with proof
and get him replaced with better person ANYDAY instead of putting up with him/her for 5 years.

7.2.3 How SMS-campaign method unites the Citizens of the country

1. Today, we are divided by parties, religion, caste, creed, issues etc. Let us unite under SMS-campaign to MPs/MLAs, etc. public servants without any need to leave your party etc.

Now let us individually or in groups do something which will benefit the commons and at same time unite all citizens against the evil, corrupt forces who want to loot the commons.

How ?

Besides sending sms-instruction for your favorite demand, also send sms-instruction demanding that the MP`s public mobile be linked to MPs` website, so that all public opinion sent to MP via sms can be seen and verified by all. By making this common demand, we common citizens can come on a common platform and unite.

2.  Actions of citizens under `SMS-instructions to public servants` campaign method are accumulative-additive unlike other campaign-methods, where most actions cancel each other

Example - Say, some citizens send sms-instructions to their public servant to cancel a law while others send sms-instructions to the same public servant to keep the same law but both categories of citizens send message-instructions to the public servant to link the public mobile of the public servant with his public website so that the sent sms-instructions are automatically displayed on the website of the public servant along with voter ID of the citizens and all citizens are able to know objectively what is the public opinion. Then, these seemingly opposite actions are both promoting a transparent and objective method of knowing public opinion. So, in this way, actions under this `SMS-instruction to public servants` campaign method are additive and accumulative and do not cancel each other. This is unlike other campaign methods, in which most of the actions done by the citizens cancel each other.

3. For FULL IMPACT of your sms to public servant, send copy of your sms as code to the site or a similar site after registering with voter ID -

Along with sending sms to your MP, it will be good if you can register at or a similar site with your voter id and mobile so that you can send copy of your sms as a code to the site and your sms comes on public domain along with voter ID and can have FULL IMPACT. Please go to the site, to see how to register and send sms to the site.

Also, please see this video for another proof that sms-instructions to MP, MLA & corporator via SMS works -

7.3 Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant


Citizens must make the public servants realize that if they do not fulfill the demands of masses, the public servants will be at a loss.


Example - Let us understand this with an example.

        In 1977, there was a clear-cut demand for ending emergency. The government of that time did not want that emergency should end soon and so the government imprisoned the main-main leaders to suppress the movement. But activists took ahead the movement in place of the leaders.

        Then the government started imprisoning main activists also. But there were lakhs of activists who could lead the movement by printing by hand pamphlets and distributing amongst the public and making the demand. When one activist went to jail, 2 others took their place. Situation worsened so much that jails were flooded with leaders and activists and there was possibility of prisons being broken (Proof of supporting counts for the demand - Indirect)

        This lead to immense pressure on the government of that time and the government was forced to end emergency.

You can see in this example how the three factors needed for positive, pro-common change in the system and a successful mass-movement were present. There are many more examples similar to this. You will find that any mass-movement in history did not succeed without these three factors.

So, please give your few minutes for the unity and prosperity of the country by sending 2 SMS-es to (0...shortly coming...) and send copy of your voter IDand mobile bill copy (for post paid-users) and affidavit (for pre-paid users) to

It will take only few days for a candidate to make a public sms-server for citizens, so that opinions of registered citizens come along with their voter ID on the website of the candidate and can be cross-verified by other citizens.

So, please ask ALL candidates in your assembly constituency or loksabha constituency to IMMEDIATELY set up such public sms server for citizens` SMS-es, so that after coming to power if majority voters say in a transparent and citizens`-verifiable manner that they are not doing good work, they can step down.

If none of the candidates set up such a SMS server for the public, you should choose NOTA (none of the above) option and also demand from the election commission to make NOTA votes fully valid.

For details of what documents to send, see

For detailed discussion, please register at and post.

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