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Citizens themselves can contact and verify the truth

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A. Aim of Site - To display Voter number support for procedures proposed to be printed in Gazette (Government notification magazine) and get them implemented

Read the FULL text below to find out how.....

We have started a campaign of citizen-voters sending sms-orders to MP, MLA etc. public servants and have registered some pro-common solutions by their sms codes also to be sent by a voter by sms to our website as a PROOF of the demand to the public servant.

Support or oppose opinions of citizens will be displayed on website along with the Voter ID numbers of the citizens. Anyone can find address of a sample of the voter ID numbers, contact them and himself/herself cross-verify whether the data is true or false, meaning the Voter ID number internet data generated by the citizens sending SMS-es is CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE. (See this link for list of registered SMS-codes -

2. How will Bhartiya Rajnitik Vikalp Party get implemented RTR-CM etc. proposed Gazette Notification and what can YOU (common citizen) do until it is implemented ?

Until, the proposed law-procedure comes on Gazette of India (government notification magazine), Right to Recall system implemented on our website via this Public SMS counting server can be used wherein common man does not have to suffer for 5 years to change their representative. People can register with us with their Voter ID number and display, support or oppose complaints etc. on affidavit on our website with their Voter ID number and with a majority of votes can pressurize their representative to be replaced.

Any Voter can get registered with the website and register his complaint/suggestion on affidavit along with Voter number as per procedure mentioned in this page. If there are more than 5000 Voter number supports of registered users for an issue on our website, Bhartiya Rajnitik Vikalp Party will take up the issue with PM, CM etc. Public Servants. If any of the representative denies to fulfill the demand we will ask them to announce their reason to commons, why they are refusing?

Compared to signature support, Voter ID internet support is authentic. Because commons cannot cross-verify the signatures nor can commons contact the signature giver and obtain more information while citizens can get address from Voter ID number and contact and cross-verify.

All this Voter number support data is displayed on this site which can be downloaded by anyone in excel format. We encourage all to collect Voter number support on a issue in excel sheet and share it with all on social media and ask others to do the same. And all Voter number support of excel sheet can be merged and duplicates can be removed.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, this procedure will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

Example – Right To Information first came in Rajasthan in 1999 when thousands from all walks of life demanded for it. Then, it spread to other states and got implemented in the whole country.

3. Proposed Citizens` Verifiable Media (CVM) Portal

Also, aim of this website is to demonstrate and demand for a government system where people after registering their voter id and mobile number can give their opinions via SMS short codes. And this opinion of the citizens along with their voter id will be VISIBLE to all on a government site without logging in and will be VERIFIABLE and can be cross-verified by any other citizen by means of voter-id.

A prominent SAFEGUARD FOR CITIZENS feature of this system is that it is immune to money buyout, media power and gangster power since the citizen is empowered to change anyday his/her opinion. This system is also known as Citizens` Verifiable Media Portal (CVM) or Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure (TCP)

4. All Citizens should make a common demand for a Public SMS counting server from their favorite neta or Public Servant as it helps promote all issues

Besides sending instructions for your favorite demand via SMS/twitter, also send sms/twitter-instruction demanding that the public mobile of your MP or public servant or an election candidate in your area or your favorite neta be linked to their website, so that all public opinion sent to the public servant via sms can be seen and verified by all. Also mention in the sms-instruction that it will take only a few days for the public servant to set up such a public sms counting server, failing which you will not vote for them or their party.

By making this common demand, we all citizens can come on a common platform and unite. Just, citizens have to send 2 SMS-es and those who have internet should also send the same instruction via twitter.

Please continue reading to find out how to send the SMS-es and where to send the SMS-es.

B. Procedure for sending copy of SMS-instruction codes meant for MLAs, MPs etc. Public servants to this site (after registering at the site)

4 Steps for sending sms-instruction codes for MPs to this site -

1. Send Mobile Activation-SMS in correct format
2. Voters send registered code-SMS from their activated mobiles
3. Send Request for Voter number / Mobile Registration at this site by e-mail, whatsapp, postal mail or by hand
4. Verification of
documents and registration of mobile and
    voter id by our volunteers

1. Send Mobile Activation-SMS in correct format -

To send a sms which will appear on our link -, any citizen-voter needs to first activate and register his/her voter id and mobile number with us by sending a sms containing his/her voter id from their mobile number to 9693938833

Please send activation-SMS to 9693938833 in format *YourVoterIDNumber*

(Put in words, the format of the activation-SMS should be that first you have first type * and IMMEDIATELY after that you have enter your voter id number. And immediately after the voter id number, type *
Note - * means the special character `star` )

Note - Voter ID should be valid and found in the voter list.

You can check whether your voter ID is in the voter list from or from this list of links according to states/union territories, where you can find details of voter ID such as assembly name, polling station etc. by entering voter ID number or name as in voter ID -

For example -

where arp1234567 is a sample voter id (not real - only an example) in voter list.

2. Voters can send registered code-SMS from their activated mobiles

Voters can also send a Code-sms for supporting or opposing registered issues on site to 9693938833 containing ONE registered code from the mobile used to send mobile activation-sms in the format explained in the previous step.

Voter can check status of their sent activation-SMS and other SMS-es by entering their mobile number in this link -

Citizens should also send a two line sms to his MP having his name, voter id or constituency and demanding that the MP link his website with his public mobile so that all the sms sent to his public mobile automatically get published on the website for all to see the opinion of the public in an objective manner.

Citizens can also inform other citizens and favourite netas about their sent sms-orders to their MPs by putting them on their FB wall notes, any site on internet, meetings, pamphlets etc. so that others are also inspired to do the same.

3. Send Request for Voter number / Mobile Registration at this site by e-mail, whatsapp, postal mail or by hand -

After sending mobile-activation sms, Citizens should send Request for Registration of their Voter number and mobile at by one of the following ways

  1. Registration Request by video -
    Send email to or whatsapp to 9693938833 in which is written your assembly, mobile number, Voter ID number which you want to register at site and your video request for registration.

    (Mention in the video your name, your mobile number, assembly, address written in your Valid Voter ID number and that you would like to register at website of the party and display your Voter card in a readable manner in the video. Also you have no objection whatsoever that your opinions for a registered issue sent by your registered mobile via SMS-code are displayed publicly on website along with your Voter number)
  2. or
  3. Registration request by affidavit -
    Send by postal mail to our Party office (Main Street, Naya Tola, Bariarpur, Bakhtiyarpur, Patna, Bihar - 803212) Original Rs. 10 or Rs. 20 affidavit (stamp paper attested by notary or gazette officer) stating – “My name is XYZ son/of ABC residing at ____ My valid Voter ID number is ______ and mobile number is _____. I would like to register my voter id number and mobile at I have no objection whatsoever that opinions for a registered issue sent by me via Code-SMS are displayed on the site along with my Voter number."

4. Verification of documents and registration of mobile and voter id by our volunteers

Our volunteer will verify and register the voter id and mobile of the voter. Voter can check status of their sent register-SMS and other SMS-es by entering their mobile number in this link -

Once the mobile and voter ID is registered, the sent code SMS-opinions, along with voter ID, will come on the registered page -

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C. Why it is necessary that citizens display Voter ID internet support for their demand to MPs etc. --- other campaign methods are insufficient as they do not generate any proof of supporting numbers for demand

Country runs on what is printed in gazette (government magazine) , not on bhashans and slogans nor on just concepts. Gazette of India has detailed instructions - which official has to do what work.

For example - 500 and 1000 rupees note was banned not because PM gave a nice speech on it but because it was printed in the gazette (on instructions of the PM).

Whether a PM is doing bad or good, he/she has to give instructions which will be printed in gazette and other officials can follow them only if they are printed in the gazette.

So, activists and citizens must decide which drafts to be printed in the Gazette. Also, activists/citizens must instruct their Public servants – MPs, MLAs, favorite netas and election candidates via SMS, twitter etc. to demand BEFORE ELECTION via their website, twitter etc. which drafts they want to be printed in Gazette.

You may vote for the best person but please promote good procedure-drafts for good of country, you and your family.

MP/MLA can count us voters --- an MP/MLA can`t hear us -- Solution = Demand from MP via SMS and Twitter to make Public SMS Server

Now before we and you 85 crore voters send instructions via SMS etc., to our Public Servants, we should note that we commons can be only counted and not heard. i.e. MP can count us on 100s of issues, but he can`t hear even 1% of us. Let us explain.

Say each voter desires that MP should listen to him for 5 minutes.. Now MP has 17 lakh voters and even 25% voters speak for 5 minutes each, it is 17 lakh * 25/100 * 5 minutes = about 21 lakh minutes . And even if MP spends 10 hours a day listening, then also it would take him over 8 years to 9 years !!! In Other Words, it is materially impossible for an MP to "hear" your speech or read your letter or read your sms. And it is impossible for PM. Even MLA who has 3 lakh voters and corporator who has 1 lakh voters won`t be able to hear voters below him.

In Other Words, MP/MLA can count us voters --- MP or MLA can`t hear us.

But one PC can scan all the sent lakhs and crores of SMS containing links and hash of proposed Gazette Notification and tell MP etc Public Servant how many voters want law-draft-A, how many voters want law-draft-B and so on and can also display Voter number support details for Public to cross-verify.

So, Solution is to demand from the Public Servants or your favorite neta to make a Public SMS Counting Server like this one on their website for the voters of their area.

Other methods like Anshan-dharna, sloganeering, online petition, sending mails etc. are insufficient as they do not generate any proof of the public demands from their public servants. Only our MPs, MLAs etc. public servants have the power to make someone the PM or CM of this country or to put your favourite party into power or get printed solution-drafts in gazette and vote on procedure-drafts.

If you really want to support your favourite neta/party or you would like to get a solution-draft implemented, you must ALSO (along with your method of support/protest) give necessary message-instructions to your MPs, MLAs, etc. public servants to immediately get started a motion in the parliament or assembly to make our favourite neta the PM or CM of the country or to promote your favourite party and also demand that the public servant links his mobile with his website so that the messages of the public are automatically published on the website and visible to all.

And citizens should give proof of sent sms-orders to as many people as possible via FB wall-notes, blog, pamphlets, google-docs, TCP-demo sites, meetings, etc. so that the public gets proof and others are also inspired to do the same.

To send a sms-order to a public servant and to show the proof of the sent sms-orders to the public will take only 5-10 minutes of your time. But if even few thousand people do this in a loksabha area and the present public servant ignores this, the public servant will be exposed with proof and the future public servant will be forced to implement the objective demand of the public.

80% mobile numbers of MPs / MLAs are listed on the Loksabha / Vidhansabha website or website of Election Commission.

If your MP`s mobile number is not listed, please send sms-order to nearby of MP of same party and ask the sms-order to be forwarded to your MP.

To know more about Sha1 File Hash and to know more about `SMS instruction to Public Servants along with link and file hash of draft`, please see this link -

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D. For Unregistered users -

Any citizen can choose a sample from the data, go to the chief electoral officer website of the respective state, enter the voter id and get the full details of the voter and confirm whether that person has given that opinion in reality or not.

So, the value of the data exists only if the data is CROSS-VERIFIABLE and that is only possible by tagging the data to voter id number.

If you do not have a voter id and just want to see demonstration of the site, just send any trial voter id between 10 and 16 characters like abc1234567 in the activation-sms in the correct format to 9693938833 For example - *abc1234567*

Then send the Code-sms for the issues registered here -

Full instructions for unregistered users can be found here -

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Disclaimer – This site is meant only to promote demand for TCP with SMS (Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure ; link – Chapter 1, ). Results may or may not be obtained via SMS campaign method depending on other factors. Those sending sms copy to this public number are fully aware that their sms content,name,voter ID,constituency,state will be shown on this website

This work does not have any copy-right but has copy-left (others cannot copy-right it) and anyone can freely copy, modify and distribute any material on this site.